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The below servers are provided as an example, you can use any Public DNS service you would prefer, such as Google DNS ( and, Level 3 ( and, or you can use a combination to fill in the 3 Static DNS fields. DD-WRT routers are in general, Go to Setup > Basic Setup > Network Setup > Network Address Server Settings (DHCP). 5. DNS at computer and devices connected to it should either be set to Automatic DNS type, or have the same DNS 1 and 2 added to them, if possible. 29/05/2013 Get the wireless clients on the dd-wrt device on the same layer 2 network with the pfSense interface and turn off all DHCP in dd-wrt. My dd-wrt router has a static ip on my lan with pfsense as the gateway. For some unknown reason, my wireless clients are unable to obtain an ip without dhcp forwarder.

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Log into DD-WRT. Go to the Setup tab; Find the Network Address Server Settings (DHCP) section.; Make sure the following two boxes are unchecked: Use DNSMasq for DHCP; Use DNSMasq for DNS ; Go to Services tab.; Find the DHCP Server section.; Within that, find the Additional DHCPd Options text box and add the following three lines:; boot_file pxelinux.0 16/10/2016 By default, DD-WRT may use your ISP's DNS servers using DHCP.

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This is a very good thing DD-WRT setup with NordVPN. DD-WRT is custom firmware for routers which support the OpenVPN protocol and is available on a wide variety of聽 This tutorial will show you how to set up an OpenVPN connection on your DD-WRT router using the OpenVPN client UI. This might sound amazingly stupid but I have a DD-WRT (micro) router that I placed in my network to act as a switch and as a WAP while聽 In my attempts to get the configuration right I put the router into DHCP forwarder which then made everything work correctly. Installing DD-WRT on a router in most cases is almost as simple as installing a program onto your computer. However, doing it incorrectly can leave you with a router that you have to throw away.

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This can be done in two ways: You can either configure your router to hand out the OpenDNS DNS addresses to your DHCP clients, or you can configure DNSMasq to forward all DNS requests sent to your router to OpenDNS. LAN: Router IP:

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With DD-WRT I had non-DHCP addresses allocated in a certain range (0-99), and DHCP addresses from 100 to 255. 10/1/2011 路 One of the (many) nice things about DD-WRT is that it has a built-in, lightweight DNS server that you can use as a DNS forwarder. Also, one of the primary things that controls how 鈥渇ast鈥 a network feels for you is the amount of time it takes to resolve a domain name. DNS Servers are queried in rotation by clients. If one is not available next one from the obtained (or configured) list is queried. What you should want is, for all your queries to be directed to your dd-wrt routers local dns service to make best use of its DNS cache or managed entries. 12/7/2017 路 Now that you have a list of MAC addresses for each of your computers, open up a browser tab and head over to your router鈥檚 DD-WRT interface.

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When encyption is disabled encryption to clients is allwed but not forced. DNS. Add your local/wan DNS server. Setting DNS2 is optional. WINS. Add your local WINS servers.